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Electronic Engineering

The Electronic Engineering programme was evolved from our traditional Electrical and Electronic Engineering programme with a particular emphasis on electronics technology. It has the longest history among similar programmes in Hong Kong and represents a fundamental engineering training applicable to a wide range of areas and applications. This programme has a balanced core and a flexible elective structure designed to equip our graduates in communications technology, electronics and microelectronics, digital signal processing and information technology.

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Communication technologies have been transforming our lives significantly over the past 20 years. To get into the heart of this digital revolution, one needs to have board knowledge on wireless systems (satellite, WiFi, 4G and 5G), communication network planning, design and analysis. we will equip you with these knowledge and let you get head to see the technology implication to our modern society.




Photonics, which was coined in analogy with electronics, reflects the growing tie between optics and electronics necessitated by the significant role of state-of-the-art materials and devices in optical systems. It encompasses a broad and promising scope of generation, transmission, modulation, amplification and detection of light, which enables unprecedented applications in optical communications, imaging, biomedicine, sensing, display, printing, energy, to name a few.


Signal processing

Signal processing

Signal processing is one of the most versatile disciplines of electrical and electronic engineering that manipulates analog as well as digitized signals, representing time-varying or spatially varying physical quantities. Signal of interest can include sound, images, video, sensing readings, electromagnetic radiation, which contributes toward enormous applications such as control system, biomedicine, telecommunication, sonar and radar, entertainment, and many others.